N E W S                                                                                      

Happy New Year to all of our future legions of fans. Time isn't linear, Higgs bosun and the quantum multiverse is a fact and we have a song about it, indeed it's the title track of our new album FUTURE ECHOES which is released on 6th January 2020 according to your Earth calendar. That may be in the future or the past, or even the present if it is today's date. The only way to find out is to order the album from the Music page. Where you can also buy our self-titled debut album.

It's not easy to find venues that have grand pianos in situ. And we made the decision not to short-change you by performing with fake digital things. And whilst we love upright pianos they just aren't the really same instrument. So if you know of a venue that has a grand piano, or access to one, please feel free to tell us about it, or better still badger the promoters to book us. We are troubadours, we'll go where we're wanted.